What To Study If You Are Passionate About Media


If you want to pursue a career in journalism, consider completing a Bachelor’s Degree program. It will teach you to disseminate information effectively and develop your ability to work with new technologies. It is also ideal for those who enjoy meeting new people and are keen on writing.

Journalists must have a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to truth and integrity. It’s a demanding job that requires dedication and a willingness to go anywhere to get the story.

New Media

If you’re someone who loves media and modern technology, a degree in new media could be the right fit for you. As a field that continues to grow rapidly, there are many opportunities for individuals who want to pursue careers in the industry.

Whether you are interested in working as an editor, a writer or a digital designer, there is a degree program that can help you get there. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Film with an emphasis in Production may be a good option for individuals who are passionate about storytelling through video and enjoy the process of connecting with audiences through digital media.

Media Management

In a world where more and more things count on media, graduates with a degree in Media Management will be able to find a place in almost any industry. This graduate degree teaches students how to manage and provide strategic consulting on media projects, as well as how to become effective communications leaders.

This program can be undertaken at a number of universities worldwide, and it often includes opportunities to undertake work placements. This will enable you to gain valuable hands-on experience in a relevant field and build your network of professional contacts.