Why Are Kitchen Splashbacks So Popular?

A kitchen splashback is a wall covering installed behind the cooktop that protects against cooking messes. They also add a stylish design feature to your kitchen and are an essential element in achieving the right look.

They are a popular choice as they are available in an endless variety of styles and colours from clean metro tiles to more detailed fish scale or chevron patterns.


Kitchen splashbacks aren’t only a practical addition to your home, they can also be a key design element that defines the aesthetic of your space. With a vast array of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, you can create the perfect look for your kitchen – no matter the style.

A splashback can be made from almost any material including tiles, glass, reconstituted stone or aluminium composite panels. Tiles are a traditional choice and come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and patterns. Stylish mosaic options include basket-weave, listello and Versailles, while natural stone like granite or marble adds a luxurious feel.

Easy To Clean

A kitchen splashback is a wipe-clean screen that sits behind your hob & repels water, stains, & other damaging cooking residues from soaking into your wall tiles & painted walls. It’s also a sleek statement piece that can be found in many different colours, materials & designs.

Stainless steel is a modern choice that’s cost-effective & easy to clean. Acrylic is a great alternative if you’re on a budget, & doesn’t harbour bacteria so it’s hygienic – it’s also super easy to wipe down.

Easy To Maintain

Kitchen splashbacks are very easy to keep clean. You simply wipe them down with a glass cleaner. They also prevent food residue from building up and clinging to walls, making them much more hygienic than traditional tiles.

They are available in a range of designs and colours, so you can match your splashback to your kitchen colour scheme. They can also reflect natural light, bringing a brighter look to your kitchen. They are also one of the cheapest splashback options.

Choosing the right kitchen splashback is a big decision for any homeowner. It needs to be properly waterproofed and installed. It is best to hire professionals to do this work for you.


Splashbacks are often much easier to fit than tiles and, for the keen DIYer, can be fitted by anyone who knows what they’re doing. Especially if you choose a fabricated surface made from quartz or Corian and designed to match your kitchen worktops, this is a task that can be completed with relative ease.

Glass splashbacks can also be back painted in a colour of your choice, offering a greater variety of options than tile alternatives. For example, you can use a metallic paint that matches your appliances or adds contrast to a neutral scheme.