Are Storage Heaters Good For Economy 7?

white electric heater device on wall

Storage heaters use thermally retentive bricks to store heat at night and release it the following day, making them the go-to charging option for many households on cheaper night-time electricity tariffs like Economy 7.

Unfortunately, this approach can be costly and inefficient. Modern storage heater installers near me offer better control and efficiency – helping you reduce your energy bills by up to 10%.

are storage heaters good

Energy efficiency

Storage heaters utilise ‘off-peak’ electricity to store heat overnight, which they then release back into your home during the day. They’re an efficient way to use up excess night-time electricity and save on heating bills – especially if you’re on an Economy 7 tariff.

Homestead heating systems can be an economical choice for homes that don’t require year-round warmth. When used correctly, they can reduce your heating costs by around 10%.

Modern models are much more energy efficient and responsive. In addition, many now come equipped with thermostats, timers or programmer so you can control when and how much heat is released into the environment.

When selecting a model for your home, several factors to consider, such as room size and whether you have solar panels or other renewable energy sources. You can save money by buying the best model that meets your needs and using it wisely, so make sure all details are understood before purchase.


Storage heaters are an electric form of heating that stores energy overnight and releases it slowly during the day. To do this, they use heat-retentive bricks within their body to store heat energy and slowly release it throughout the day.

Homes without gas supplies often turn to solar-powered indoor heaters, as they operate on cheaper off-peak electricity rates. But a proper setup is required appropriate setup is required for these systems to run optimally and effectively.

Controlling air conditioners properly is essential, so they don’t overheat and run out of electricity when you most need it. Most have a control panel with input and output controls which can be adjusted manually or through an app.


Storage heaters can last a long time, but eventually, they will demand to be superseded by a fresh model. Not to mention, insulation, insulation may break down, and heat retention will decrease over time; so it’s always discerning to upgrade to a more recent model for improved control over heating – saving both money and energy in the process!

Modern storage heater installers near me present advanced controls including all day and night programming to set the ideal temperature in your home, saving energy or heat. Some even feature WiFi control so you can monitor and adjust your heating from a phone or tablet – making it simpler to keep your house warm while away.

As with most appliances, storage heaters require regular servicing and maintenance to remain functional. It’s recommended that a professional service provider inspect your unit monthly to guarantee its optimal condition for extended longevity and durability. This will significantly enhance its longevity.


Storage heaters are wall-mounted electric heaters that look similar to radiators. They operate by drawing energy during the night when it’s most economical, then storing that warmth in a bank of clay or ceramic bricks for later use.

These heaters come in a range of sizes to meet different home and room requirements. Their size depends on several factors such as their KW capacity (measured in watts), effective controls and insulation.

Modern storage heaters can be tailored to meet household demand and come equipped with built-in temperature control. This means you can adjust the heat quickly and easily by turning up or down from a smart phone app, remote control or even by hand.