The Best Same Day PCR Tests For Crew In Birmingham

You may not be able to wait for results if they have taken a long time to arrive. At the airports, whether departing or arriving, one should choose the same-day test over alternative tests. The accuracy of the tests is not compromised, although this kind of PCR test may be slightly more expensive due to the fact that you can receive the results the same day. 

Schedule your same day PCR in test Birmingham for the most rapid and accurate findings. Leading testing service providers Randox also offer an on-site lab, allowing accurate PCR COVID lab tests to be sent within hours of the test being conducted. 

COVID Tests For Travel

The primary guideline in most places that need screening is to present documentation of a negative COVID test done within 72 hours of your travel. PCR testing is necessary for certain circumstances, even though other locations might consider a rapid COVID-19 test as evidence.

It’s critical to know and grasp the information for the departure and arrival cities. Remember that some test centres take days to process PCR results. Therefore, if you are in need of fast results, its best to use a same day PCR Birmingham service. 

What Will Happen If You Do Not Submit Your Test?

If you fail to submit your testing, it will be returned to the facility, but specialists will be unable to identify which tests are yours, and you will not be able to obtain your results. You will now have to pay for the new test – please contact the staff to make other arrangements.

Can I Book An Appointment If I Experience Covid-19 Symptoms?

You can normally make an appointment for a PCR or antigen test at practically anytime, with or without symptoms of covid.

Why Choose Randox As Your Testing Provider?

Randox offers the Same day test Birmingham. It is a reliable COVID-19 test established to help the authorities respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. Randox is recognised as a supplier to the gov.UK website for Standard, Testing to Launch, and Day 2 & 8 assessment.

It provides PCR, Antigen, and Antibody screening at locations around the UK, with Same-Day results. It pledges to make COVID-19 screening services accessible.

The same day PCR test in Birmingham gets you fast and accurate results straight to you when you need them.

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