Which Types of Music To Play When Working?

person working next to a Mac PC

Whether you are looking to increase your productivity or boost your mood, listening to music is an excellent way to do so. According to research conducted by Teresa Lesiuk, assistant professor in music therapy at the University of Miami, music can improve workplace performance.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which music is the best for improving productivity. The effectiveness of music depends on the type of music and the preferences of the listener.

The best type of music to increase productivity is classical music or instrumentals. This type of music is characterized by its relaxed vibe and rhythmic drive. It can also make you feel smarter. It is also known to help with productivity and concentration.

types of music when working

For tasks requiring higher concentration, such as reading and writing, you may want to listen to music that has lyrics. However, lyrics can also distract you. Instead of listening to music with lyrics, you may want to choose songs that are free of lyrics. This will allow you to focus on your work without being distracted.

Alternatively, you may choose to listen to a soundtrack from a movie. Movie soundtracks can boost your productivity. You may even be able to create a playlist for yourself based on the different work sprints you go through.

Other forms of music that can increase productivity include jazz, funk, blues, meditation music, and R&B. You may also want to try some lesser-known music. It may not be as popular, but it can boost your productivity and keep you on task.